In case you missed it, Twenty One Pilots showed up in a big way last night on their Emotional Roadshow tour for their first ever concert in Montana. I think it's safe to say that we made an impression as well...

After a dynamic start (literally, they blew the power), Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun showed Montana what all the hype surrounding TOP is all about. And in turn, we showed them how Montanans throw a party!

Now I've been to my fair share of concerts with "big name" artists before. I've also seen TOP (twice) while living in Los Angeles. But nothing could have prepared me for last night's show in Bozeman.

Not only was the show completely SOLD OUT, but fans were so eager they waited outside, in a blizzard, for HOURS! I mean don't get me wrong, I love TOP and Josh Dun's face/abs, but I also love my limbs NOT freezing off my body!

Once out of the cold, the crowd really started to warm-up! In all seriousness, this was the most hyped-up group of people I've EVER seen at a concert! Prior to the show even starting, this massive cluster of Montanans did the wave with/without lights 10-15 times, made up multiple TOP chants and started a couple successful rounds of slow claps.

While impressive, the slow claps and a couple rounds of the wave aren't enough to truly "blow my mind." And last night my mind was definitely blown...

What really did me in was the connection between the TOP boys and us. Tyler at one point called us all friends (#swoon) and said generally that there was no place in the world he'd rather be than right there playing music for us in Bozeman, Montana. To say the place went crazy as a result is a major understatement.

If you've never been to a TOP show, let me fill you in a little on the basics of what typically goes down...

  • Tyler and Josh start off on the main stage for a couple of songs
  • Tyler turns into a magician and pops up singing in the crowd, then goes back to he mainstage
  • Both boys turn into magicians and pop up on a super intimate stage in the middle of the pit, then return to the mainstage
  • Tyler jumps into crowd while singing
  • Josh plays drums literally on top of the crowd (they hold him up)
  • Tyler runs on top of crowd in a giant red hampster ball, then pretends like that's a normal thing to do
  • Josh has a sick drum-off... with himself
  • Tyler again turns into a magician and pops up in the back of the arena and sings a song on top of a giant pillar
  • Both boys finish their set standing on the crowd again
  • Everyone loses their s##t

Words fail me when it comes to their music. I could not possibly do them justice with mere words. You're just gonna have to take it on faith and see it for yourself.

Your next chance to see the guys live in concert before they go into hiding (not literally, they're making new music) is their headlining day at SASQUATCH 2017! Click HERE for more info.

Check out some of the snaps I took at the show last night!!!

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