It's grilling season, baby. I think my enthusiasm for homemade barbecue is shared by most Montanans, who have the privilege of having a wider access to a variety of meats than people who live in other places. Aside from beloved animals such as dogs, cats and horses, it seems like Montanans will grill just about anything, and they probably would if they had the chance. Here's some fictional animals Montanans would grill:

Tauntaun - Star Wars

That's the animal Luke hollows out and uses as a sleeping bag. If only he had hit Scheels for a proper camping setup instead, then he wouldn't have had to had to waste all that delicious, fictional meat.

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Tribbles - Star Trek

You might think they're too adorable for Montanans to grill, but I don't know, chickens can be pretty cute too.

Smaug - The Hobbit

Getting all his treasure would be awesome, sure, but I wonder what dragon tastes like. Probably similar to gator but I'd have to know for sure.

Gyrados - Pokémon

Montana fisherwomen and fishermen would "need a bigger boat" as well as fancier rods. Reeling in a beast of that size would be no easy task, but the smell of victory once the pokémeat hits the grill would make it all worth it.

Sky Bison - Avatar: The Last Airbender

If Aang ever visited a place like Montana, he'd better keep a good eye on Appa.

Hippogriff - Harry Potter

They may look majestic, but if a Montanan got ahold of one, nothing would be spared except for the beak and talons.

Koopa Troopa - Super Mario Bros.

Can you say Koopa-Troopa soup? I bet you just did.

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