No, it’s not a sequel to Step Brothers (do we really need one, anyway?), but professional funny people Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly are reuniting for another new movie, which is still pretty great news. The actors are teaming up for Holmes and Watson, in which they’ll work their hilariously juvenile magic on the iconic literary duo of Sherlock Holmes and his pal, good ol’ Watson.

Deadline reports that Ferrell and Reilly are set to star in Holmes and Watson, a new comedy from filmmaker Etan Cohen, who previously wrote and directed Ferrell in Get Hard. Their next effort is a riff on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic literary detective and his partner, with Ferrell playing the role of Sherlock Holmes opposite Reilly’s Watson — as if you could imagine that pairing going any other way. (It almost did, however, as Holmes and Watson was originally set to star Sacha Baron Cohen in Reilly’s role.)

Back in January it was reported that Ferrell and Reilly were looking to re-team with Step Brothers director Adam McKay for a border patrol comedy; McKay has since committed to directing Jennifer Lawrence in Bad Blood, which tells the story of entrepreneur Elizabeth Holmes, and it’s unclear if he’s still planning to reunite with Ferrell and Reilly in the near future.

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