Is Will Ferrell working on a new one-man show? The former SNL star seems to be trotting out a number of his fan-favorite characters for late-night, the other day resurrecting Harry Caray to talk about the cubs with Kimmel. Today, the tour continues, as Ferrell brings George “Dubya” Bush back to Chris Hardwick’s @Midnight.

The Comedy Central late-night series brough Ferrell’s Bush out of retirement to discuss the chaotic election, especially with regard to the recent “disgraced pumpkin” Donald Trump’s Access Hollywood tapes with cousin Billy Bush.

Asked where he stood on Trump, Bush offered (via TVLine):

This dunderhead is making me look great … I destabilized [Iraq] but no one seems to care anymore thanks to the Bozo Trump. Folks have forgotten how I tanked the economy or how I didn’t get Bin Laden. Heck, Kanye West even said I hated hurricanes, but all forgotten now.

Ferrell didn’t mince many words about Trump’s claims of a “rigged” election, but wouldn’t commit to being a “decider” voting for Hillary. We’ll see if there’s a deeper reason behind Ferrell’s parade of character returns, but in the meantime, check out the clip above.

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