Look, all you had to do was say the words "Breakfast burrito" and you got my attention.

Sovereign Hope Church is holding a breakfast burrito fundraiser on Father's Day at 9:00 AM. The money will go towards the church's building fund. You can register ahead of time over at their website right here.

Ya want more details? Boom, you got 'em. Here's everything you need to know:

Breakfast burritos cost $5/adult and $3/kid (kids’ burritos are smaller and the main ingredients are scrambled eggs, sausage, potatoes, and cheese). They will be available June 16 before service from 9am-9:50am in the Fellowship Area.

Pre-order now to pay in advance, speed up the line, and you can even pre-order frozen burritos to take home after service and enjoy all week long!

Gluten free burritos ($6.50/ea.) are also available exclusively via pre-order.

You can pick up your order of frozen burritos after service on Father’s Day in the Fellowship Area.

Place your order today and join us for Father’s Day breakfast burritos at 9am on June 16!

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