We have a dog that is a little on the hefty side. She is so large that the vet has told us she needs to lose 20 percent of her weight. This wasn’t a shock to us as her nickname is Moo Moo.

Now it’s not as if we don’t care or we don’t try to help her lose weight. In fact, she has been on a diet for a couple of years now. I even take her running with me a few days a week every week. However, it just doesn’t seem to do any good. No matter how much we cut her back on her food and how many miles I make her run, she only manages to drop a few pounds. Nowhere near what she needs to lose.

We have almost gotten to the point where we have given up. She is just a big dog. We will keep trying to get her healthy, but if she never manages to be the size the vet wants her to be, then oh well. She is happy and we love her.

A Facebook friend recently posted this video and it made me laugh. It reminded me so much of my Moo Moo. The animals in the video are so cute and it is pretty funny. I thought about how different nature would be if animals were fat. I hope you laugh at this video as much as I did. It makes the wild kingdom not seem quite so wild.

Joy Larson is a mother of four boys, graduate of the University of Montana, animal lover and writer.


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