I continue to marvel at how far AI has come in the last few years. In January of 2021, the AI research company OpenAI released the original version of DALL-E, which, while impressive with its ability to generate images based on your prompts, didn't exactly blow you away with beautiful or even crisp images. Now AI's capacity for art is stunning, at times verging on photo-realistic or epic-character concept designs— it can even create videos, although after watching this AI-generated beer commercial below, you might wish that it couldn't.

Images and videos are fun, but I'm particularly excited about AI's talent for writing. An AI chat bot's way of mimicking the style of celebrities and historical figures can make it feel like you're actually writing back and fourth with the person the bot is trying to imitate. Here's a few famous Montanans that tech companies should make chat bots of:

Jeannette Rankin

Probably the coolest thing about AI chat bots is that they can simulate a conversation with historical figures. If someone wanted to learn about first-wave feminism or a legislative consultant, a Rankin chat bot would be a great option.

Evel Knievel

I'd love to have a beer and send messages back and fourth in a discussion with a chat bot of this guy. I'd learn about his craziest stunts and try not to let him convince me to jump rows of buses with my bicycle.

David Lynch

Though he moved to Idaho when he was only 2 months old according to Wikipedia, he was born here so he counts as a Montanan in my opinion. It would be great to get some artistic advice from this incredible director.

Phil Jackson

If you're coming up with basketball plays, it'd be a smart idea to reach out to this hall of famer from Deer Lodge.

Dana Carvey

A chat bot could never be as hilarious as the actual person, but I'd still want to see the jokes an AI version of Dana would come up with.

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