The recent storm front that moved through Montana, had everyone talking. The high winds that came ahead of the storm front were insane. With winds forecasted to gust up to 60 mph, some weather stations across the state recorded gusts over 100 mph. Including the weather station on the top of Mount Sentinel.

According to Newstalk KGVO

Meteorologist Corby Nickerson with the National Weather Service Office in Missoula said he was in awe of the powerful winds that swept over western Montana, especially up on Mt. Sentinel." said Nickerson. "We had gusts as high as 125 miles per hour observed, and that was on the east side of Missoula up there on Mt. Sentinel.

That is some category 5 hurricane level winds people. It is crazy to think that we Montanans can experience winds like that, and just go on about our lives like it is nothing. In fact, some places in Montana are so used to wind, that it is really nothing out of the ordinary. Take the "highline" for example. Residents of places like Havre and Glasgow are no strangers to high winds. Just recently a photo started to circulate online showing a young lady from Fort Smith, having a difficult time closing a gate. The photo shows the young lady on to the gate while a gust of wind appears to blow her off her feet.

Many speculate if the photo is real or if the young lady is just posing for the camera. It does look rather windy in the background of the photo, but could it be enough wind to pick a lady up off the ground? Maybe she is performing a dancing illusion where she is supporting her weight with her right arm and kicking her feet out?

Regardless, this photo sums up just how bad it felt going on with our normal daily routines, while struggling with high winds.

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