I'm starting to wonder if I could get away with just copy-and-pasting from the last 50 articles I've written about events going virtual throughout Montana due to safety concerns surrounding COVID-19. Or create a template that reads:

"Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, (INSERT EVENT HERE) has decided to go virtual and do it all online rather than take place in person. The new event will now take place on (THIS DATE)."

It would probably save me a lot of time - but dangit, I'm just too good at my job. So now I have to find a totally unique way to tell you about yet another event that generally happens in-person every year has decided to move into the virtual space.

So, listen up! The Whitefish Winter Carnival, a traditional event that has been going on for 60 years, has made the announcement that it'll be taking place virtually for 2021. This year, the carnival is themed after the TV show Survivor, so you can expect all kinds of challenges and activities... although again, they'll only be happening online.

Some of the challenges are actually happening right now, and include activities like the "Songwriter's Challenge," the "Whitefish Trivia Challenge," "Freya's Art Gallery," and "The Great Toilet Paper Challenge," so it's clear they're having some fun with it. You can participate in these activities by heading over to their website.

So hopefully, everything goes back to normal in the near-ish future and the Whitefish Winter Carnival, along with every other event that had to adapt to the new situation, will be able to happen as it usually does soon. Will you be checking it out while it's happening virtually?

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