Monday morning began with a bang for many Bonner residents who called 911 reporting an explosion at around 4:45 a.m. Missoula Rural Fire District Captain Blaine Cowan says the explosion most likely came from a house fire.

"We were dispatched to a structure fire with potentially people trapped inside the home," Cowan said. "It was located in a mobile home trailer park. En route, [residents] reported hearing an explosion and when law enforcement arrived on scene and said that they thought a propane tank had exploded."

Cowan said the fire is still under investigation, but that the propane tank explosion does not appear to be what started the fire. At least one of the residents suffered burns.

"There were three folks inside of the home at the time, but they all got out ok," Cowan said. "One of the residents suffered burns, but apparently they were minor burns. The family did have a cat, but the room that the cat was in had an open window so hopefully it was able to escape."

Although crews were able to put the fire out, it completely destroyed the mobile home. Cowan estimated the damages at around $60,000.


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