OH CANADA: Greg T just bumped into a guy who used to live in America, but now lives in Canada and LOVES IT! What’s so great about Canada?HOOK-UPS: Greg T knows a girl who hooked-up with at least 4 different guys last weekend. She didn’t have sex, just hooked-up. How many people have you hooked-up with in 1 day?

MOVIE SNACKS: It’s not just about popcorn anymore… what do you eat at the movies?

ARE YOU SEXY TODAY: Are you feeling sexy today? Why are you sexy?

IMPRESSIONS: Greg T has a friend who does a killer Schwarzenegger impression. What celebrity can you impersonate?

AIRPLANE BUDDIES: Have you ever sat next to someone famous on an airplane? Yesterday Froggy sat next to a Super Bowl Champ from the Baltimore Ravens.

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