Today was their first day of work! The girls fit in great, everyone loved them! haha! Really though, it was so awesome to see everyone. I let the ladies of the show to get a good feel! I brought my sample implant and everyone played with it! We had a great time! Everyone had so many questions! We had such great positive feedback on the air, text messages, emails, Twitter, and Facebook! People were genuinely happy for me and that is so cool!

My favorite part of today was sharing the sounds and videos of my recovery with the show and our listeners. I had Froggy's wife, Lisa, take video of me while I went in and our of surgery! It's  bizarre to see this but SO funny at the same time! Have fun! Watch it here!

When I left work I felt pretty sore, I did a lot today, and when I talk I move my arms a lot (Im Italian! What can I say?!). When I got home I napped for a while. I felt great when I woke up and answered a bunch of emails from women wanting to know about my surgery and my doctor's info because they couldn't believe how great I was recovering!

I am over the moon in happiness and excitement right now! I love my new additions and I couldn't be happier with my decision to do this. Now it's time to cook my first meal with these things…going to be fun seeing how different everyday things are!

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