A new study found that if you’re craving chocolate around that time of the month, then it’s all in your head, according to a study conducted by Louisiana State University. The students there studied women in different stages of their menstrual cycles and found that the women were no more likely to crave chocolate - or eat more of it -  during the days leading up to their period, than they were on other days.

I don’t think this study is accurate. There are just certain times that my body and my mind scream, “Give me chocolate or the next person who walks in this room is getting a stapler thrown at their forehead!” In fact, I think that chocolate may just be a mild antianxiety medication, and a very delicious one at least.

If the calming side effects of chocolate aren’t a good enough reason to eat it, the taste should be. There’s nothing better than taking that first bite into a velvety piece of your favorite chocolate and letting it melt in your mouth and slide down the back of your throat, warming your belly with sweet delicious chocolate. The only thing better than that is the next bite.

Does it really matter if science can prove that women’s hormones tell them they need chocolate or not? Isn’t it more important what women’s minds tell them they need? If my mind is screaming for chocolate, no matter what the reason, you can bet that I’m going to find it and devour it.

Joy Larson is a mother of four boys, graduate of The University of Montana, animal lover and writer.

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