I'm pretty sure that just by clicking through this article you are looking for ways NOT to be creepy. Face it, no one wants to be THAT guy or THAT girl. Long story short, if you do any of these, stop doing it immediately. 


According to a study out of Knox College in Illinois, people were asked to share the most creepy things a person would do in a social environment. Here are five highlights.

1. Staring at someone for a while before interacting with them.

2. Being way too touchy-feely.

3. Always steering the talk towards sex.

4.  Taking a picture of someone without yourself in it.

5. Asking for personal details about your home life and family.

Here's a few others worth adding while we are at it....standing too close. . . never looking at a person in the eye . . . and having GREASY HAIR.

Also, according to the report, men are 95% more likely to give off the creep vibe vs. women.

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