I'm a pretty big Harry Potter fan, and somehow I'm just finding out about this - so I thought maybe some other Harry Potter fans in the area might not know about it either. Did you know there's a neighborhood here in Missoula where the streets are named after characters and locations from Harry Potter?

It's true! They named the streets a few years back - and it even garnered some attention back in 2014. There's really a neighborhood right here in Missoula where you can walk around on Diagon Lane and Potter Park Loop.

How has Universal Studios not already decided that Missoula would be the perfect place for a third Harry Potter theme park? What more do they need to convince them?

Right now, there are four streets in the neighborhood named after different Harry Potter references - and I think we can totally do more than that. I know I, for one, would love to live on Gilderoy Lockhart Way, Alohamora Avenue, or Basilisk Boulevard.

Here are some photos of the streets that are already situated around the neighborhood. Got any ideas for more?

Did You Know About The Missoula Neighborhood Inspired By Harry Potter?

There's a neighborhood right here in Missoula where the streets are named after familiar characters and locations from Harry Potter.

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