Valentine's day on the way and love is in the air, readily accessible for those in couples but there's still plenty of romance for the rest of us. One awesome thing about being single is that we can meet the one at any moment, but that's more likely to happen if we put ourselves out there. Here's my dating advice for finding someone special in Missoula:


Hobbies are a great way to meet people and even if you don't find someone from it right away, you're still having fun. I wrote this list of hobbies you can try in Missoula. Then there's some particular hobbies I think deserve their own category...


If you want to dance to some country, I recommend The Sunrise Saloon or The Union Club, and if you'd rather get down to some EDM, try The Badlander or Monk's. The Sunrise Saloon has country and salsa dance lessons if you want to brush up on your skills before hitting the dance floor.

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Karaoke is a nice way to meet people because you have a built-in icebreaker: "you getting up there? What's your karaoke song?" The Sunrise Saloon and The Dark Horse have karaoke nights, as well as The Badlander every Wednesday.

Learn a Performing Art

Being able to show off a skill in front of a crowd of people definitely won't hurt your chances in the dating scene. If you want to be in a band, learn drums— there are way too few drummers in Missoula.


I think bars have an unfair reputation for only being a place for hook ups. I certainly think meeting someone at a bar is more romantic than through a dating app, but maybe I'm just old school. I wrote about Missoula's downtown bars here.

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