Meh. In your mind's eye it looks like salad, water bottles, workout clothes, some kind of weird food that is guaranteed to "fight the bulge" and the scale going down, down, down. At first, you're all DOING THIS and nothing can stand in your way. It's easy to imagine working this new habit into your life. You are already celebrating victory in your mind, high fiving the entire world. You can see yourself jogging down the street, Rocky style, birds singing and sun shining. "I'm gonna get in shape and I am unstoppable! I'm gonna jog on my lunch break and Box first thing in the mornings, and do marathons. I'll be in the best shape of my life! Ready -Go!"

Day one: After warm up, can't breathe, cement legs, this sucks!

Day two: Legs so sore, might be broken, can't run.  (No jogging at lunch now)

Day three: It looks like it might rain, nap happens. (No boxing or jogging gets done)

Day four: Try boxing again. How has it only been 5 minutes? 5 minutes? My watch is broken. (Definitely not running after this class!)

This is the truth when it comes to incorporating any change into your life: Follow through has to trump expectations.

Each day, think only of the step directly in front of you, take that step and don’t think ahead too far. Just keep taking that one step each day forward, following through. Then suddenly you’ll look back after a few weeks pleasantly surprised at how far you have gotten. Then you start to see the resultsJ

Here’s to follow through!

~Rachel NASM CPT

Coach Team TNT

Rachel Plumage
Rachel Plumage

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