It's refreshing to see a costume contest that's fully upfront about our laziness - this is finally one that I can win!

Draught Works is hosting their Crappy Halloween Costume Contest, celebrating those of us who put little-to-no effort into our costumes every year (one time I put on a sweatshirt and a beanie and said I was Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad, so I really relate to this.)

This'll be happening ON Halloween, so definitely worth stopping by if you've got anyone calling you out for your lame costume. Now you can win a prize for it!

Here's the info from their Facebook event page:

Here at Draught Works we pride ourselves on our uncanny ability to put zero effort into organizing a successful Halloween costume contest. We've come to fully embrace, and even bask in our laziness, and thus, the Draught Works Crappy Halloween Costume Contest was born.

 NOTE: We've settled on this name, not because your costumes should be crappy, but because our execution most likely will be. Ref Chloe will even be dishing out FREE PINTS to those deserving individuals that put a little time and thought into their costumes.

Round up your spooky sidekicks and get on down to the good hood Thursday, October 31st and grab a pint or two (or three!) before you hit the town. 

We'll have a variety of really crappy prizes (JK the prizes will be AWESOME! Stay tuned for more info!), and winners for each of the following categories will be selected just after 7PM, and you/your group MUST BE PRESENT to win!

Funniest (Most Clever) 
Best Couples/Group Costume 

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