After weeks of teasing, leaks and live performances, Carly Rae Jepsen's long-awaited collaboration with PC Music's Danny L Harle finally sees the (official) light of day today (August 12) — and it is, of course, well worth the wait.

After singlehandedly saving pop last year with her masterpiece E·MO·TION, the Queen of Being Queen of Things returns in 2016 with "Super Natural," a glorious, glitchy techno-pop bop to tide us over before her Next Coming — which is reportedly getting "disco-y." (Album of the year, already.)

"This isn't normal, not at all / It's just like we don't try / We just fit, you and I / We are super natural," she breathily swoons on the blippy chorus, providing her signature, heart eyes emoji us-against-the-world optimism, a la "Run Away With Me."

The collaboration's a major win for Carly's cool cred given the PC Music collective co-sign, and an equally beneficial opportunity for the "Broken Flowers" producer and under-the-radar record label to gain some mainstream visibility.

But most of all, it is a win for us, the loyal disciples of Carly Rae Jepselegend.

"You gotta believe in me..."

Oh, we do, Carly. We do.

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