The BBC has taken Kanye West's infamously voyeuristic "Famous" video and turned it into a gentle lullaby that could run your toddler's reliable mobile out of business.

The SFW spoof of West's latest, which the rapper released on July 1, includes fully clothed conversations between the likes of Justin Bieber, Meghan Trainor5 Seconds of Summer and Nick Jonas, just to name a few. Bieber and Cheryl Fernandez-Versini talk bone structure. Trainor and Troye Sivan mimic the lyrics to Trainer's "No," while Carly Rae Jepsen concedes "I have no idea if I'm gonna be at all witty this early in the morning, but I will try."

It's good ol' fashioned sleepover fun, and you don't even have to premeditate how to conceal it with a decoy Firefox window in the event your boss suddenly walks by!

The original "Famous" video, which was inspired by American realist painter Vincent Desiderio’s “Sleep,” includes mock-ups of some of entertainment's biggest personalities — Taylor Swift, Rihanna and Caitlyn Jenner, just to name a few — sleeping together on a massive bed. Every figure featured is completely naked, and a camera slowly pans up and down the row of bodies at rest.

The video predictably invited backlash, most notably from Lena Dunham, who called the project "one of the more disturbing ‘artistic’ efforts in recent memory" in a Facebook post.

"Now I have to see the prone, unconscious, waxy bodies of famous women, twisted like they've been drugged and chucked aside at a rager?" she wrote. "It gives me such a sickening sense of dis-ease."

Watch the new (and improved...?) "Famous" video above, and tell us what you think in the comments.

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