Okay so let's be honest, there really is no strategy for Bingo. Or if there is, it has a major aversion to me and my friends!

On Wednesday night we hit up the Thomas Meagher Bar in downtown Missoula for their weekly Bingo Night. There was a ton of money on the line and tensions were high. So we did what any normal person would do in this situation, we ordered another round of drinks to take the edge off and we not so secretly hated on KC (who we actually love) for not throwing the game and letting us win. (Yea I know, can you believe him?!)

We were all close to winning more than once, but Bingo is a fickle mistress and slipped right through our fingers. Unfortunately we have been sucked in to the dark spiral that is Wednesday night Bingo.

There's no turning back now...

Nicole Wren TSM
Nicole Wren TSM

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