Okay so I don't know about you but I love a good music video. But with YouTube being the way that it is, a lot of the times our favorite artists and their videos get buried beneath a massive wave of copycats and poser videos.

And since it seems like every big artist in the industry right now is dropping hot new videos, I for one don't want to miss out! So I wanted to do you and me 'a solid' and compile a list of the best music videos that have dropped in the past couple of weeks!

Happy watching....


#1 Ariana Grande & Future - "Everyday"


#2 The Weekend - "Reminder"


#3 The Chainsmokers - "Paris"


#4 Ed Sheeran - "Eraser"


#5 Coldplay - "Hypnotised" 


#6 Lorde - "Green Light"


#7 Lady Gaga - "John Wayne"


#8 Katy Perry - "Chained To The Rhythm" 


#9 Bruno Mars - "That's What I Like"

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