I've been seeing stories for a couple of weeks now about how, since movie theaters are closed down, audiences have been flocking to drive-in theaters - there's not that many of them left, but the areas that still have them have used them as a convenient way to get out of the house and still enjoy a movie on the big screen without having to sit near anyone. I mean, you never have to leave your car!

Well, Montana has only two drive-in theaters across the state - the Silver Bow in Butte and the Amusement Park Drive-In in Laurel. And after some confusion and back-and-forth with Amusement Park this week, where the government shut them down as a non-essential business, the state has walked that back as a "miscommunication," and they've ruled that drive-ins WILL be allowed to operate under phase one of the state's reopening plans.

As someone who used to go to the movies at least once a week - and often way more than that - the lack of movie theaters has hit me pretty hard, and I'm genuinely considering a road trip to one of these drive-ins if they're gonna be open. Silver Bow's website doesn't have any updates, but Amusement Park has been posting on their Facebook page, and they plan to keep operating for the foreseeable future. You can check out their Facebook page here - the drive-in is now selling tickets for a double feature of Trolls: World Tour and The Invisible Man.

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