It's always sort of a thrill when you hear your town referenced in something you're watching. That used to happen a lot when I lived in New York (which makes sense, because it feels like half of all movies take place in Manhattan).

Anyway, last night I went to go see A Simple Favor at the local theater. The new movie from comedy director Paul Feig is a twisty, kinda-comedic thriller starring Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively. I really dug it! And even cooler: even though the movie takes place in Connecticut, there's a quick shout-out to us right here in Missoula.

In the movie, Kendrick plays a mom who vlogs her progress investigating the disappearance of her friend. As her fanbase starts to grow, she begins answering listener mail and one comes from a woman named Helen in... Missoula, Montana!

The people in my theater went kinda nuts (I think one of them was actually named Helen). But it was pretty cool! Any other movies you can think of that reference Missoula in some way?

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