The latest front, that has blown into Montana, has been causing problems for people all over the state. I thought, when I woke up this morning, that I was going to see the Wicked Witch of the West flying around in my front yard. Lights were blinking on and off from the potential chance of completely losing power. The giant blue spruce in my front yard was starting to make me wonder how good my home insurance is. And, the 50-60 mph gusts made the commute to work a constant battle. But, it is all a day in the life of a Montanan.

Some places in Montana, are simply known for having a good amount of wind. Just about any town on the eastern front of the Rockies, is guaranteed to have a daily run in with wind. Places like Great Falls are most well known for the amount of wind they experience. But, Great Falls is not the windiest city in Montana. That title goes to Livingston.

According to the Great Falls Tribune

On average, the peak daily wind gust in Livingston is at least 30 mph 246 days a year, or 67 percent of the time.

By comparison, the peak daily gust in Great Falls is at least 30 mph 169 days a year, or 46 percent of the year.

At 13.6 mph, Harlowton of southcentral Montana is No. 2 for average daily wind speed, followed by northern Montana’s Cut Bank (12.7 mph) east of the Rocky Mountains, which is No. 3.

I propose we take a new approach to measuring wind here in Montana. Judging by how many trash cans I saw flying across streets, highways and parking lots today. Why don't we adapt to the "Trash Can Wind Meter." From the looks of the meter below, I would say we were at least in the RED this morning.


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