Missoula truly is a one-of-a-kind place to live. Even though I wasn't born here, it has become my home. Since moving back to the 406 a couple of years ago, I've come to notice a few distinct features that let you know immediately if the person you're talking to is from Missoula:

  • Their car is functional, not fashionable. Sure there are a few models that embrace both qualities, but the average Missoulian cares more about their vehicle making it over giant snow mounds and withstanding potential hits from wildlife and gravel spray, than whether or not their car fits in on Hollywood Blvd.
  • Time is more of a "nice idea," rather than an actual rule to center your life around. Have you ever shown up late to something in Missoula and actually gotten in trouble for it? No? Me either. It's probably because no one care, or the person you're meeting is even later than you are.
  • Speed limits are also more of a "nice idea." I don't think I've EVER seen a Missoulian drive the speed limit. Nope! They prefer to drive AT LEAST 5 - 10 miles below whatever is posted. And that's really saying something, because when the speed limit is 30mph, 10mph below that is 20. I think turtles move faster than 20mph...
  • They pick a side on Griz/Cat week. All the other western Montana cities try and play the neutral card during this week, but if you're from Missoula then you already know who the right choice is. #GoGriz
  • They don't immediately get grossed out when they hear "Fresh Bongwater." If you're from Missoula, then you know that one of KettleHouse's greatest creations is their Fresh Bongwater hemp ale,  a lighter beer that will straight up knock you on your ass after just a few... or so I've heard! lol Just kidding, been there done that!
  • Missoulians pronounce "Bonner Park" and "Kiwanis Park" right the first time. As a Missoula transplant I can honestly say that these two names are harder to get a grip on than you'd think!
  • People from Missoula don't get outrageously frustrated with how the roads are setup here. This quality is actually the most impressive one. I mean, how can Missoulians NOT freak out over all the one ways, no U-turns and crazy slow speed limits?! It's amazing. Frustrating to drive behind them, but again, amazing!

If you have other sign that someone is from Missoula, go ahead and share in the comment section on our Facebook page!

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