Growing up I loved fireworks, I remember saving up for months just to buy as much as I could. I don't shoot off fireworks much anymore, for the past few years I have stayed at home with our dogs who get very scared because of the loud bangs from the fireworks. While I understand most people don't stay at home to keep an eye on their dogs, there are some things you can do to make sure your pets have the best 4th of July possible.

  1. Find them a very quiet and safe space within your home.
  2. Get them a new toy to keep their mind off the fireworks.
  3. Make sure their tags are updated with current address and phone number.
  4. Look into Thundershirts, these are dog and cat anxienty vests.
  5. Crank up the 107.5 ZOO FM App, to drowned out the fireworks.
  6. Get anti-anxiety medication from your Veterinarian.

I hope you and your furry family members have a great 4th of July holiday. Make sure to keep a close eye on our animals on the number 1 day for animals to run away from home.

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