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If you haven’t already heard, we’re offering you the opportunity to win $10,000 at the end of the month (plus, we’re giving out $1,000 twice a day on each weekday in May). We could post a blog suggesting ways to spend that $10,000, but chances are you already know what you would do with the money. Before you spend that money, though, don’t you want to play with it a little first? I mean, 10 grand amounts to 10,000 one-dollar bills. There are a lot of cool things you can do with that, like…

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    Dive Into a Pool of Money Like Scrooge McDuck

    Everyone knows that iconic scene from the old Donald Duck cartoons. Many use it as a bar for the level of success they hope to attain in the future, saying things like, “Someday I hope to have so much money that I can swim around in it.” Well, with $10,000 in singles, you could do that too, albeit with some restrictions. You’d probably have to settle for a kiddie pool, and that money most likely wouldn’t cushion your fall from a high dive. Still, the novelty of thrashing about in a pile of money and playfully throwing it in the air is, we’re guessing, too great for most of you to resist.

  • Courtesy of ianloic/Flickr
    Courtesy of ianloic/Flickr

    Build a REAL $10,000 Pyramid

    The $10,000 Pyramid was a game show from the ‘70s hosted by Dick Clark. It was a simple category-guessing game that had contestants working their way up a “pyramid” toward the $10,000 grand prize. The pyramid itself wasn’t made of $10,000, but with the money you win through our sweepstakes, you could create a literal interpretation of the show’s title. The fact is, stacks of money take the shape of bricks, and you could lay these “bricks” in such a way to form a pyramid of cash. It won’t really serve any function other than to look pretty, but look pretty it shall.

  • Courtesy of Fire at Will/Flickr
    Courtesy of Fire at Will/Flickr

    Make It Rain!

    Several of you saw that title and immediately thought “strip club” (which, we admit, is a totally viable use of 10,000 singles). However, what we’re referring to is taking large wads of cash up to a balcony (for instance, the second floor of the Iron Horse) and raining money down on the people below, basking gleefully in the chaos you’ve just created. However, unlike the other suggestions on this list, there’s virtually no chance of you recovering the money afterward, so this act would demand a level of selflessness we’re not sure most people are capable of. But think of how popular you would be!

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    Money Throne

    Winning our $10,000 sweepstakes will give you the chance to empathize with all those medieval kings who sat on thrones of gold. Just take the money bricks you used to build that pyramid earlier and rearrange them to form a chair. It could be a simple cube for you to park your keister on, or something more elaborate with arm and back rests. Either way, it's guaranteed to make you feel superior to all your houseguests as you lord over them on a throne representing your wealth, while they're forced to sit on your shabby wooden chairs.

  • Courtesy of zoomar/Flickr
    Courtesy of zoomar/Flickr

    Wear a Suit of Money

    We really, really want to see someone try this. Either line a suit with dollar bills or create one entirely from scratch, then hit the town! Sure, it’s probably more trouble than it’s worth, but it’s absolutely guaranteed to turn people’s heads (and hands as they grab for the money on your suit). The nice thing about this idea is that you could pull it off using only a fraction of your winnings. However, if you insist on using the full 10 grand, you could go with more of a ghillie suit, like what snipers use in combat. The other nice thing is that whenever you buy a drink downtown, you can just grab a few bucks off your suit to cover the cost. Just don’t expect your money suit to retain its snazziness over the course of the evening.

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