I just got to Montana a few months ago, and I'm loving it. But it turns out, a lot more people are leaving Montana than coming into it.

In fact, Montana is one of the top ten states in which people are outbound, coming in the number 9 spot, with 55% of all moves exiting the state. Here's a few reasons why people are heading out:

1. Family - The biggest reason for people leaving Montana is listed as family - Montana has a relatively small population for such a large state, and it makes sense that families moved away from each other would someday want to reunite.

2. Retirement - About 25% of people leaving Montana are people doing so for retirement reasons.

3. Jobs - There's actually more people that move to Montana for a job than those that move out of it (including me!), but a solid 20% of moves outside of the state are for career opportunities.

4. Age - Nearly 50% of the people leaving Montana are over the age of 65 - I'm sure that ties in with retirement, but maybe as you get older, it's tougher to handle the climate here in Montana?

5. Income - It looks like the more money you make, the more likely you are to move out of Montana, with nearly 30% of all moves out coming from people with an annual salary of $150,000 or more.


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