I don’t know about you, but I’m getting very tired of the 90 degree weather we’ve been enduring for the past couple months. Now we’ve added smoke to the heat, making it feel like we’re sweltering in a stew of our own juices every time we step outside. I long for the day when this will end and we can enjoy being outside for longer than the time it takes to run from our air-conditioned cars to an air-conditioned building. Here are a few reasons why fall just can’t get here fast enough for me.

  • Photo courtesy of dieselbug2007/flickr
    Photo courtesy of dieselbug2007/flickr


    I really miss pants wearing weather. This is the type of weather that allows me to stop shaving my legs every day. Oh, how wonderful it is to not have to shave my legs every time I’m in the shower. I know guys complain about having to shave their faces, but per square inch or shaving area, the ladies have you beat. Legs vs. face. Legs win every time.

  • Photo courtesy of TheCulinaryGeek/flickr
    Photo courtesy of TheCulinaryGeek/flickr


    This has to be my favorite spice, bread, pie or seeds. Give me anything with pumpkin flavoring or pumpkin in it and I love it! It, sadly, is a very unappreciated fruit. If you ask me, it should be a fruit staple, right up there with apples and oranges.

  • Photo courtesy of jen-the-librarian/flickr
    Photo courtesy of jen-the-librarian/flickr


    I have to admit, I am not one of those many crazed Griz football fans, but I do like me a little football. There is just something about the smell of fall in the air that screams football season. There’s nothing like bundling up and spending a Saturday cheering on your favorite team at Washington Grizzly Stadium.

  • Photo courtesy of Seven Morris/flickr
    Photo courtesy of Seven Morris/flickr

    New TV

    I am, admittedly a bit of a TV nerd. I have certain shows that I watch religiously. Every fall is the start of a new season of my favorite shows. Finally getting to find out the results of all the cliff hangers from the spring is something I’ve waited all summer for.

  • Photo courtesy of Muffet/flickr
    Photo courtesy of Muffet/flickr


    There is nothing like the change of leaves in the fall. The beautiful reds, oranges and yellows take over the greens of summer. I have to admit, the trees do look naked when the leaves when they finally fall. But, that is also when the most fun is had. I don’t care how old you are, there is nothing quite like diving into a giant pile of leaves.

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