This Thursday is April 20th, or as cannabis enthusiasts call it "four twenty." Odd that this is the only national day with the same name as the date it falls on, but whatever. It's a day that's been celebrated in Montana long before recreational cannabis became legal for purchase in 2022, and now people can be open about their fondness for the herb without being accused of criminal activity. But should 420 be a holiday?

Duh. Here's why, in my opinion, 420 should be a holiday in Montana:


Since legalization cannabis has quickly become part of Montana's culture. It's apparent by how many cannabis shops are in each of Montana's biggest cities, which seem like they outnumber gas stations and fast-food joints. Instead of ignoring this new reality, we could actually lean into it, here's how Montana could become the most cannabis-friendly state. 


Montana needs a spring holiday because this is when the weather is finally starting to warm up, and people should get a day off to enjoy that. Easter doesn't count because it always falls on a Sunday, of course April 20th can also fall on a weekend but in those years the Friday beforehand should be considered a holiday.


Timing aside, Montana needs more holidays in general. People are overworked and underslept, this would be an opportunity for a refreshing break.


A common word used by cannabis enthusiasts is "dank" which has many meanings, but for the purposes of this article I'm referring to its meaning as something beyond cool. There's nothing cooler or more dank than being the first state to make 420 an official holiday.

Spring Cleaning

Not all Montanans partake in cannabis consumption, so they could do some spring cleaning on April 20th instead. And if Montana wants to be discreate about why it's making that day a holiday, it could be called "Spring Cleaning Day."

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