Hey, bro— thanks for reading my article, bro. If you've spent even a single day in Missoula, there's no doubt you've met a Missoula bro. They're everywhere, and thank goodness, because without Missoula bros, who would I fist bump when the Griz score a touchdown? Who would laugh at my "The Anchorman" references? And how could I possibly play beer pong on a Tuesday night without at least 3 other Missoula bros? Now that we've established how important bros are to this community, allow me to explain the 4 most common kinds of bros you'll encounter here in Missoula.

IPA Bros

Drinking IPAs can actually be your whole personality, and if you've ever met an IPA bro, you already knew that. No White Claws for them, because hard seltzers are for WIMPS. Jokes aside, IPA bros are friendly, fun and they often have great mustaches. They show their Montana pride by drinking delicious, local IPAs. You'll find them at Conflux Brewing Company, Cranky Sam Public House or pretty much any Missoula bar.

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Artsy Bros

Oh hey it's me writing about myself. You might think it's incorrect to put the word "artsy" before the word "bro" but I won't let my people be erased like that. You can identify them by their many tattoos, their flannels (worn religiously in autumn and winter) and by their resting snob face. When artsy bros tell you they listen to everything, they really mean it, and if you tell them you like a particular band or artist, they might ask you to name 5 songs. You'll find artsy bros at concerts, watching old movies at The Roxy Theater and in line at any marijuana dispensary.

Outdoorsman Bros

This category of bro can be broken down into many subcategories: rafting bros, hiking bros, fishing bros... I could go on and on. The one thing all these bros have in common is that they won't shut up about their particular hobby. I poke fun at these guys, but they really seem to have it all figured out. They know what they like and they're living in a place where they're never far from their next adventure.

Mullet Bros

I don't think I had ever seen a mullet in Missoula until like 2 years ago— and now mullet bros are taking over. I haven't actually hung out with any of these guys so I won't stereotype too much, but I will say they look fantastic. Rock on, mullet bros.

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