Montana's archery is almost upon us. September 3rd marks the beginning of the big game season for bowhunters. Some bowhunters have been in the field for weeks now chasing pronghorn antelope. With elk and deer season opening this weekend, here is your friendly reminder to stay safe.

Here are a couple of tips

  • Don't run around the woods by yourself, unless someone knows where you're going to be.
  • Keep your arrows in the quiver until you are getting ready to shoot.
  • Just like with scissors (Don't run with an arrow in your hand.)
  • Be bear aware and carry bear spray
  • Always be cautious when approaching a downed animal
  • Shoot straight and don't wound an animal, or the following scenario could happen.

According to the YamCo Watch Facebook, out of Yamhill County, Oregon

On Saturday, August 29, 2020 Mark David (66) from Hillsboro was archery hunting on private property in the area of Trask Road E in Tillamook, OR. David wounded a 5X5 bull elk but was unable to locate it before dark. David located the bull and attempted to kill it with his bow. The elk charged David and gored him in the neck with its antlers. The landowner attempted to help David but he sustained fatal injuries and died.


I have found myself in similar situations before. Walking up on an animal before I was positive the animal had expired. In most hunter education courses, they teach to cautiously walk up behind the animal and poke it either with the barrel of your gun or with your arrow. As a further precaution, I like to also poke the eyeball slightly to see if it blinks.

On one occasion, I was so excited that I had harvested a cow elk, that I didn't give her enough time to expire. I ran up, with my knife in hand, expecting to start the field dressing process. When I reached down to grab a hind leg, I was immediately kicked in the thigh by the other hind leg. I recovered and immediately dispatched the elk with another round. Thankfully I was not hurt, as it could have been much worse.

Bottom line! Be safe while out in the wilds of Montana. Nature can be pretty brutal, and your life is no exception to the rules.

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