Every year, the Watson Children's Center in Missoula holds the Bike For Shelter, a family-friendly event that helps raise money for the center. It's been going since 2001, and this year they've got to do things a little bit differently. For the 21st annual Bike For Shelter in May, the Watson Children's Center is going virtual.

Essentially, you're encouraged to ride your bike all throughout the month of May on any of the Bike For Shelter routes that they've laid out on their website. When you do it, you can help raise money, post about it on social media, and in a new addition to this year, participate in a scavenger hunt throughout Missoula.

The scavenger hunts take place on three different routes through downtown Missoula and feature stops at Bike For Shelter's various sponsor locations. If you finish the scavenger hunt, you'll be entered to win one of three gift baskets filled with cool, local stuff from the sponsors of the event.

It's great to see the organization adapting to the times and figuring out a way to keep Bike For Shelter going in this weird year. You can find out more information about Bike For Shelter and register for the event at Watson Children's Center's website.

Plus, the Watson Children's Center is also participating in Missoula Gives - if you'd like to make a donation and help reach the Missoula Gives goal of $1,000,000 given to local nonprofits, you can do that at their website.

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