The guys at Zombie Tools never cease to amaze the hell out of me. They are constantly on the "cutting edge" of developing new blades (Pun intended). Over the last 15 years, Zombie Tools has developed a brand known all over the world. Specializing in one of kind swords and knives, created to survive a zombie apocalypse.

According to the official Zombie Tools website

In 2007, three young, emerging and aspiring blademakers set out upon the “zombie apocalypse” mythos. Not wanting to conform, they took an idiomatic approach designing and building weapons for “worst case scenarios”. Since inception, our crew has grown to 11 makers and artists working full time, making battle-ready weapons in Missoula, Montana.


Some of the fellas from Zombie Tools even had their own reality television show on the Science Channel back in 2012. Simply called "Surviving Zombies: The Apocalypse Field Guide." This show centered around the world of Zombie Tools and how to survive the apocalypse. The guys showed us how to make a shelter out of shipping containers. How to shop for essential supplies, including lots of PBR. And how to defend yourself from a horde of Zombies.

Now, Zombie Tools is teaming up with another longstanding Missoula brand. Zombie Tools has collaborated with Kettlehouse Brewing Co to create a beer inspired by one of their blade designs, the Legionnaire. If it is one thing we know about the Zombie Tools crew, they absolutely love their beer. So why not let them create their own? The beer is a Mexican chocolate stout that features cocoa, cinnamon, and habanero. Available in cans for a limited time.

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