Missoula County recently entered into a plan to officially purchase Marshall Mountain for $1.85 million in the next two years... but if you're planning to head there this summer, you'll have to wait a little while.

While the city is figuring out its management plan, Marshall Mountain is currently closed for public access, so if you were planning to do some hiking, mountain biking, or anything else over there this summer, you'll have to head somewhere else. Right now the plan is to reopen the area to the public sometime in early August.

Although, considering the massive heat wave that's hitting Missoula right now, there's a good chance you weren't heading there at the moment anyway. It's probably a good time to stay indoors with some air conditioning, or float down the river (there's a new business in town that I'm guessing will be pretty busy doing just that over the next few weeks).

Hopefully by August, things will have cooled down a little bit... of course, we're just at the beginning of summer now, so who knows how that's going to play out? But if you're up for some physical outdoor activity and you're ready to head back to Marshall Mountain, it'll be waiting for you.

What do you think about the decision to keep Marshall Mountain closed for most of the summer? Are you excited that the city is planning to purchase it outright and make it officially a public land for everyone to enjoy?

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