Right around the start of the pandemic, just a few weeks after everything in Missoula shut down, we told you about the YMCA Riverbank Run, which was scheduled for April, and how this year's race had to be delayed until October due to COVID-19 concerns. The hope, of course, was that the country would be in a better place by then, and we'd be able to have a large-scale event like that again by the time October rolled around.

Well, it's September now, and we haven't exactly gotten much better. So, unfortunately, the Riverbank Run won't be able to take place as scheduled. Instead, it's opting for what many of the big races this year have decided to do, and is going virtual.

You can register online now for a 1-mile race, 5K, 10K, or the trifecta. It remains to be seen how successful the virtual race will be - typically, it can have around 2000 people running during a normal year. All the money raised will go towards YMCA scholarship programs.

Think this'll be something you'd be interested in? The Missoula Marathon had to go a similar route, and CASA's Superhero 5K is doing the same thing. It's a little different for sure, and people will definitely miss the excitement and feeling of community that comes with race day, but it's a good, temporary solution. Hopefully, all of our usual races will be able to get back to normal for 2021.

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