Another week, another instance of Yellowstone seeking out local extras as they continue to film in Missoula. They've been spotted here and there over the last couple of months (there was even a Kevin Costner sighting recently!), and the acclaimed series continues to make Missoula its home as it films Season 4 of the show.

So if you want your shot at fame - or you just want to make some quick cash and see how a TV show works from behind the scenes - then you may want to check this out. The latest update from the Facebook page for Yellowstone Montana Extras is seeking out locals who can play upscale shoppers with cars, ages 25-60.

Here's a little more detail from the page: Think Beverly Hills types. Looking for nice cars /Trucks or in good shape. NO white cars. Please submit what year color make car you have.

That's to film in Missoula on Monday, October 26th - of course, you'll have to get a COVID test before then, which Yellowstone will also pay for.

They're also seeking extras to film in Darby on Thursday, October 29th - here's what they're seeking: Men Only... Middle Eastern, Hispanic, Asian and African American. Ages 18-45.

If you fit the bill for either role, you can email with the following information:

Phone number
Sizes - Men: shirt size pant waist length shoe / Women: bra waist hip shoe size
Town you live in
Please email us current photos
Will you be trying to get on the show? You can read about what it's like right here.


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