Hey, remember last year when Yellowstone basically took over Missoula, Hamilton, and Darby for a couple of months while they filmed their fourth season? Well, guess what - they're back!

Yellowstone is returning to the area to film in Hamilton for a two-day shoot in June. It's actually a scene they were scheduled to shoot last year, but they had to cancel it due to snow. The weather's been pretty unpredictable lately, but it couldn't possibly snow in June... right?

And, like last time, Yellowstone is looking for local people to be extras on the show. It seems like a pretty cool gig - one of our own radio station people even ended up being a part of it last year. It looks like they need a lot of extras for this one, too - here's a rundown of all the different roles they need to fill:

College activists, age 18-23, men & women

Career activists, age 40-170, men & women

Out-of-state activists (think San Francisco types),

Millennial activists, age 24-35, men & women

Press, ages 24-60

FBI/SWAT Team, men & women, age 25-55, conservative looks and good shape.

If you think you want to be a part of the scene, you'll need to commit to being available on both days, June 10th and 11th. You'll also need to agree to a COVID test on June 8th. To submit, email yellowstoneextrasmontana@gmail.com with your name, age, phone number, height, weight, sizes, the town you live in, and a current photo.

For more information on the shoot (and any other upcoming filming they might do in the area), you can follow the Yellowstone Montana Extras Facebook page.

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