It is nearing the end of summer, and that usually means there is an abundance of balls in our area. It has been years since western Montana has attended the infamous Testicle Festival. The annual summer gathering of debauchery, beer, booze and Rocky Mountain Oysters. Fried bull testicles, a.k.a. "Rocky Mountain Oysters" are a delicacy in our state. But, would you be okay with drinking a beer that uses testicles as an ingredient?

A brewery in Denver called WynKoop originally came up with the idea to brew beer with balls, as an April Fools joke in 2012. But, after their customers showed more and more support for the beer, they actually followed through and brewed it. The Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout is now a staple of the brewery and isn't going anywhere, anytime soon.

According to Rare.Us

Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout is a 7.2 percent alcohol by volume (ABV) and three Balls Per Barrel (BPB) and includes 25 pounds of “freshly sliced and roasted bull testicles” and sea salt. The “self-proclaimed ballsiest canned beer in the world,” is sold in a two-pack.

The question we are all wondering is "How do you brew a beer with bull testicles?" Its simple, they combine all the ingredients  you would need to make a classic stout. Then simply add fresh bull testicles to the boiling process.

The following video will explain further. I challenge you to keep a straight face and not chuckle a little when watching how they handle the testicles, while continuing with a serious tone.

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