There seems to be a never-ending need for hotels in Missoula over the last couple of years - every time one opens, we hear about another one that has plans to open up. Last year, the AC Hotel opened downtown - though they weren't able to get their rooftop bar open over the summer - and in the last few months, we've also heard about the Hilton Garden Inn being sold to new owners and the downtown Holiday Inn's plans for expansion.

Now, a new hotel has just opened up just off of Reserve Street, 3035 Stockyard Road, although this one is separating itself from the pack a little bit by gearing itself towards guests who plan to have extended stays.

Have You Seen the New Woodspring Suites Hotel?

Woodspring Suites is officially open for business, after a ribbon cutting ceremony earlier this week. The idea is to make this hotel THE destination for business travelers and people looking to make long-term trips to Missoula.

So, for example, rather than a hotel-supplied breakfast in the lobby every morning, each room is equipped with its own kitchen, including a stove, fridge, microwave, and sink, so that guests can cook for themselves.

The Missoulian has a profile on Woodspring that goes into detail on some of the pricing and how it will work for people on a week-to-week or month-to-month basis.

Think you would ever need to make use of the extended-stay Woodspring Suites in Missoula? I'm sure there are plenty of people in town with relatives or friends that visit who wish they could stay longer - well, here's an option so they can! You can find out more about them at their website.

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