What a way to start the week! Earlier today I got a snap from my friend Crysta, who had been out for a run in the university district.

On the snap she said that while she was crossing over the walking bridge, going towards The Press Box, a somewhat normal looking lady approached her from the front, pushed her, called her a B**** and then continued to scream other profanities at her. Crysta was a little timid during the confrontation and didn't respond, so the lady moved one.

Unfortunately, she moved on to another Missoulian on the bridge. Again she pushed the woman and continued with her profanity tirade! Crysta said this pattern continued with a few other unsuspecting Missoulians and even a biker.

When I saw the snap, I immediately called up Crysta to #1 make sure she was okay and #2 get more details on what happened. Crysta works in the medical field, so I trust her judgement 100% when she said that this woman was "definitely not in her right mind and could potentially be suffering from a mental illness or substance abuse." She did call the cops, but there is no word yet on whether or not the Missoula PD has located the woman.

Obviously this lazy is unstable, so I'm just glad that Crysta, and hopefully everyone else, wasn't injured by her slightly aggressive tactics!

If you have more details on this story, please let us know in the comment section on our Facebook page!

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