It feels like we've been waiting forever for the new WinCo Foods to open its doors at the new Reserve Street location in Missoula. For months, we've been able to drive past the area and see the progress being made, wondering when we'll be able to step inside.

Well now, wonder no more! According to the Facebook event created by the WinCo Facebook page, the new Missoula WinCo is set to have its grand opening on Monday, February 22nd.

The new store will be their fourth location in Montana, but the first to arrive in Missoula. They'll be opening a new location in Bozeman on the same day, too.

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Here's a little refresher course on the timeline, just in case you were wondering: the new WinCo is taking the place of Shopko, which closed all of its locations in summer 2019 after it went bankrupt. In October 2019, WinCo bought the building, and they've been working to get the new store ready ever since.

And now, over a year later, we've finally made it. Are you excited to finally get to visit the new WinCo in Missoula? Or maybe you're looking to work at one? Currently, the Bozeman location is still hiring, but be on the lookout for any Missoula jobs that might pop up.

Think you'll be heading to WinCo right away to check out the grand opening? Or will you wait a little to see what people think?

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