School's out for summer, and just like Alice Cooper once foretold, one school is out forever. The original Willard School in Missoula, which has stood for nearly 100 years - built in 1922 - is set to be demolished on Monday.

A new Willard School was built in the campus parking lot last year, so now the old one is coming down to make room for a new parking lot. It's what we in the construction business call "The Old Switcheroo." (Note: I am not in the construction business, but I am making an educated guess that it is called "The Old Switcheroo.")

They had to wait until school was out before demolition could begin, and they're wasting no time. In addition, if enough usable bricks from the building can be salvaged, they'll be available on the corner of campus for anybody from the community to come through and use.

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