The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally continues in South Dakota. It is the 80th anniversary of the Rally was not going to be stopped by COVID 19. As bikers from all over the world flocked to the Black Hills of South Dakota to celebrate.

According to

the 10-day event fell in the middle of a pandemic. While 60% of locals responded to a government survey indicating they didn't want the event to take place, health and city officials believed there was no way to keep visitors out.

Instead of attempting to cancel the event, they prepared by organizing grocery delivery services for at-risk residents, establishing hand-washing stations, and giving away free masks to those who wanted them.

And with that, over 700,000 people flocked to the small South Dakota town. A majority of those visitors made the trek mounted on their steel pony. Besides, half the fun of going to Sturgis is the journey there. Not to mention all the scenic road trips a person can take around the Black Hills.

But, as it turns out, there is more to fear than the 'Rona, when you make the pilgrimage to Sturgis. You probably have a better chance of dying in a motor vehicle accident or even an animal attack. That is what one biker gal found out during a ride through Custer State Park, in South Dakota.

Much like the "tourons" that flock to Yellowstone each year. These motorcycle enthusiasts dont seem to have a clue how to act around wild animals. Watch as this lady has zero common sense, and approaches an adult buffalo and calf. The spectators seem surprised when the wild animal suddenly attempts to gore the woman, and catches it's horns on the victims jeans.

WARNING: NSFW (Language)


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