Let me preface this article a bit. This is my opinion. I can't speak for the general public, even though I know many of you feel the same way.

There are places in Missoula where you should and should not bring a new baby or toddler. These places should be common sense, however, it seems they are not. Let's get into this.

Imagine a construction worker or firefighter sitting down to grab a beer and a burger after a grueling 10-hour shift at his local bar and grill. Now, imagine there is a screaming baby or toddler running around and throwing food on the ground 5 feet away with oblivious parents eating and drinking. We've all experienced it, and for the most part, we've all put up with it. Does this make the parents bad people? I'll let you decide.

Now don't get me wrong. I grew up in small-town Montana and being in the local bar playing pool while the folks had a beer or two after work wasn't uncommon. But this isn't small-town Montana, and it's 2022.

None of this is the children's fault. That's why they are children. This list is for you, mom and dad. Please, for the love of all things adult in Missoula, stop bringing your baby or toddler to these Missoula places.

1. Bars/Restaurants: Just because a bar serves chicken wings and burgers doesn't mean you should bring your baby there. This is where the adults go. Hence the alcohol service. Read the room, Karen. Does this look like a place you should bring a baby? Oh, but do you want to watch the game too? Do it at home. Don't ruin everyone else's Sunday. Little Ashleigh and Connor don't need to run around screaming and grinding mozzarella sticks into the floor so the server can clean up after them while you tip 8%.

2. Fine Dining: Seriously, what are you doing? You know this isn't cool. Everyone around you is spending hundreds of dollars on their night out. Then you will ruin it with a toddler crying because they don't have chicken nuggets? Stay home or get a babysitter. Look, if you have a small child you shouldn't be going to any restaurant that doesn't have a scary clown or giant rat for a mascot.

3. Theatre or Broadway Shows: I can't believe I have to say this. First of all, it should be child abuse to make your toddler sit through a theatre play. Do you think they want to be there? No, and they are going to let everyone know about it. If your kid ruins the show, you should have to pay to refund everyone's ticket. I get it, you want and deserve a nice night out. Guess what? So does everyone else. You don't get to ruin that.

4. The Movies: Oh this is one of the worst for little kids ruining the night. Why would you bring your baby to the new Murder Mystery Thriller? We've all experienced this, and we've all wanted to say something about it. So here I am. Unless it's a movie about Minions or a fat green Ogre in a swamp, don't bring your baby to the movies, especially if it's obviously for adults.

5. Spa's/Salons: This is literally where people go to relax. Many places don't even allow children inside. These businesses aren't a playground, and honestly, it's kind of dangerous for them to be running around. We know you want to get your hair done, mom, and I'm all for that, but leave the little one at home (with a sitter).

Again, I've got nothing against your kids. Kids are going to act like kids/babies. That's what they do. Please don't bring them to places where their actions are going to ruin other people's experiences. That's just inconsiderate. I'm sure I'm going to get some backlash from some momma bears out there. All I ask is you see it from my and other people's point of view.

One love.  -S

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