College is a place to explore new facets and make friendships that will last a lifetime. Going Greek encompasses all things you would hope to learn and take advantage of as you work your way towards graduation.

Getting a hold of the college routine is not easy in the beginning. If you are shy, going Greek is a great way to meet friends and divide yourself from your high school ways. It allows you to find people you share the same interests with, and people whom you may not. Either way, you learn soon that everyone shares a common goal of friendship, exemplified in their organizations letters and participation on and off campus.

There is also opportunities for many different kinds of leadership roles. If you are passionate about philanthropy, academics, etc.; there  are positions for that. If none of those interest you, there are still ways to make an influence and become a leader. Everyone has the opportunity of mentoring a little brother/sister, who is always there for advice and guidance regarding any issue that one might have. Advantages come along both by becoming a little brother/sister first, and then applying what you know and teaching that to your little brother/sister.

Finally, one of the greatest aspects of going Greek is the availability of scholarships and the connections you’ll make during and after your activation. Everyone that is a part or once was a part of a house can agree that networking is one of the greatest advantages gained after joining. Many houses have academic standards to maintain membership, and it’s a good way to stay on top of your grades. If you are able to keep a high GPA and continue to improve yourself and your house, many scholarship opportunities will open up for you. It’s a great way to be involved with your school and community, while also taking some weight off your shoulders.

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