Alright alright alright! Sasquatch 2017 is goin' down in a little less than three months! And I don't know about you, but every single day that goes by I get more and more excited for the music festival. Is it weird if I start one of those paper-chain countdown things that people normally make for Christmas?? lol

So here's my Top 10 list of artists I'm most excited to see at Sasquatch 2017:

1. Twenty One Pilots (duh #FanGirl)

2. Chance The Rapper

3. Mac Miller

4. Phantogram

5. Frank Ocean (Unless he drops new music in between now and then, in which case I would move him up to 2 or 3!)

6. The Head & The Heart

7. Kiiara


9. Bleachers

10. The Strumbellas


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