The coronavirus pandemic continues to chip away at concerts, events, gatherings, and celebrations. If you were holding onto hope that there would be a fireworks display in Whitefish next weekend......that would be a no-go.  The Whitefish Chamber of Commerce announced that the annual show won't happen this year due to COVID-19.

It's another example of an event that draws a sizable crowd realizing the challenges of social distancing, trying to salvage the event in any way possible, but ultimately being forced to cancel. With an expected crowd of 3,000-4,000 people, it was decided that attempting to enforce social distancing guidelines would be impossible. It's unfortunate, but perhaps the right call with the recent number of confirmed COVID-19 cases on the rise.



It does look like the Whitefish Chamber of Commerce put some serious effort into finding a way to salvage this year's event. Multiple different locations were considered and they posted on Facebook that "we actually had a plan OK'd by the county, the Police Department and the hospital to do the show." You can read more about the efforts to save the 4th of July show, and why it ultimately had to be canceled HERE.

Maybe it's better that the event was canceled and not moved to an alternate location. Would it really be a Whitefish 4th of July celebration if it wasn't held on Whitefish Lake? Organizers are already planning on the event returning in 2021 with the promise of it being "bigger and better than ever."

If your tradition involves going to Whitefish for fireworks every year.....what are you planning to do now?


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