It's challenging making it to the top, and it's even harder to STAY on top.  Clearly, not all celebrities can do it.  But some of them fall ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM.

The "National Enquirer" published a list of stars who've become HOMELESS.  Some of them have recovered. . . some haven't . . .

This list of stars who became homeless includes Erin Moran, Danny Bonaduce, Willie Aames, Margot Kidder and Brett Butler. But which one of these celebs bounced back by moving to Montana?


Margot Kidder:   The actress who played one of the original Lois Lane's probably could have written her own ticket after those Christopher Reeve "Superman" movies.  But, sadly, things did not work out as planned for her.

Kidder was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which led to a situation in the late 90's in which she disappeared for several days.

A woman found Kidder in her backyard . . . her hair was chopped off and her front teeth caps were missing.  Now she lives with her daughter in Montana, and she says, quote, "I'm no longer delusional."